Training/Young Professionals

A Harvard – Stanford study concluded that one’s success (particularly in the workplace) is based on 85 percent social skills and less than 15 percent technical skills. Etiquette helps enhance a young professional’s marketability. Thousands of college graduates flood the job market each year, however, many will lack the basic etiquette skills needed to successfully obtain employment. Young professionals can stand well above their competition with Marci’s etiquette edge.

• How to make an introduction
• Name recall
• Nametags

• Getting started
• Easy conversation
• Getting what you need
• Business cards
• Have an agenda

Technology Etiquette
• Cell phones
• E-mail
• Instant messaging
• Sharing a computer

Dining Etiquette
• Navigating your place setting
• Hard-to-eat foods
• Is that my water glass?
• Napkins
• Host/Hostess gifts

Building Client Relationships and Business Protocol
• Who pays for the business lunch?
• Who gets into the cab first?
• Who exits the elevator first?
• Entertaining
• Thank you notes