Etiquette Tips/Effective Networking

  • Know who will be there and what business they represent.
  • Decide what you want to gain from this event and go for it.
  • Decide the number of contacts you want to make. Go for quality of contacts rather than numbers.
  • Prepare a 14-second commercial about what you do. People will remember you better.
  • Place your nametag on your right shoulder. As you shake hands, the eye automatically goes to the name.
  • Enter the room with confidence, observe the climate, and find someone you want to meet.
  • When you arrive, smile. It’s the one signal understood by everyone.
  • Never think male or female. Think professional.
  • Never park yourself at the bar or at the food table. Get what you want, then circulate.
  • Never offer a cold, wet handshake. Keep your drink in your left hand.
  •  If eating, keep the napkin between the ring and little fingers, the plate between the index and middle fingers and the bottom or stem of the glass between the index finger and thumb, using them to stabilize the plate. After you take a sip or blot your lips, return the item to the left hand so the right hand is free to shake with the next person.
  •  Be discriminating in handing out your business cards.