Etiquette Tips/Cocktail Conversation

  • Listen before jumping into a conversation. You may not want to enter into the conversation until you know what’s being discussed.
  • Make eye contact with one person in the group, smile and listen until they include you.
  • Introduce yourself when there is a pause in the conversation.
  • To initiate a conversation, you can talk about the situation, talk about yourself, or talk about the other person.
  • Avoid taboo topics:
    • Inappropriate jokes
    • Health problems
    • Diets
    • Personal finances
    • Controversial topics like politics or religion
    • Asking for free advice from professionals
    • Spouses as authorities
  • Don’t hide in a corner; circulate. Spend five to seven minutes with each person or group.
  • Always remember to close a conversation. Shake hands, smile and move on.