We help your child build confidence through sharpened social skills and the development of a positive attitude with manners. These seminars are taught through fun and exciting activities to help children and teens prepare for future success. Contemporary Etiquette conducts a thorough needs assessment to evaluate your situation to ensure your training expectations are carried out with the program developed for you.

Etiquette training is available for groups and one-on-one sessions especially designed for children ages 6 to 16, schools, organizations, clubs and parties.
Some of our courses include:

Etiquette Basics
• Introductions
• Please and thank you
• How to behave and have fun
• Telephone manners

Dining tutorial
• Setting the table
• Which fork to use
• Is that my bread plate?
• Please pass the salt
• When is it okay to lick your fingers?

Coming of age events (Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmations, Sweet 16 Parties)
• Preparing for the big day
• Party manners
• Introductions
• Receiving gifts
• Sending thank you notes
• Handling cheek pinching and “my how you’ve grown” comments