Etiquette Tips/Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is based on hierarchy and power unlike social etiquette which is based on gender and chivalry. No-one should be given special treatment in the business arena because of gender. Everyone should be treated equally well.

  • The most important person in the hierarchy of any company is the client.
  • Persons of lesser importance are introduced to persons of greater importance, regardless of gender. The name of the most important person is said first.
  • Doors are held for persons more senior in rank, regardless of gender. Whoever gets to the door first, and it should be the junior person, holds a door for the others following. If it is a revolving door, the junior person goes first to get the door moving, then waits on the other side.
  • Whoever is closest to the elevator doors exits first.
  • At business functions neither men nor women are helped with their chairs unless they need it.
  • Both men and women should be helped with their coats IF they are clients or more senior in rank.