Contemporary etiquette
Executive Level
No matter how skilled your are in business, poor manners and inappropriate behavior can squelch a deal.  That includes basic business etiquette including your skills at the dining table. Dining etiquette should be on par with your skills in the boardroom and we can help executives entertain clients with ease and elegance.  We offer business etiquette basics, client relationship building and an actual dining tutorial to guide you through a business dining experience.
Refresher Course
  1. Introductions
  2. Networking
  3. TechnoEtiquette
Dining Etiquette (an actual business luncheon)
  1. Navigating the place setting
  2. Eating difficult foods
  3. Combining meals with business
  4. Entertaining as a couple
Building Client Relationships
  1. What is necessary to seal the deal?
  2. Getting to know the client
  3. Working client knowledge to your advantage
What Makes Contemporary Etiquette Unique?
Marci’s success is crafted on personal attention, interactive and entertaining programming, and a genuine passion for working with individuals to help them succeed. She implements her solutions through hands-on workshops where participants work on everyday situations. This reflects her pragmatic, real-world philosophy and her commitment to delivering solutions that work.
Since every client has unique challenges, Marci guarantees that you will always receive a customized prescription for success. Her goal is to develop a business etiquette seminar tailored to you or your organization that delivers results.
To learn more about etiquette training categories and opportunities, please contact her at (734) 709-2571 for a complimentary consultation.