Contemporary etiquette
Effective Cocktail Conversation
  1. Listen before jumping into a conversation. You may not want to enter into the conversation until you know what’s being discussed.
  2. Make eye contact with one person in the group, smile and listen until they include you.
  3. Introduce yourself when there is a pause in the conversation.
  4. To initiate a conversation, you can talk about the situation, talk about yourself, or talk about the other person.
  5. Avoid taboo topics:
        • Inappropriate jokes
        • Health problems
        • Diets
        • Personal finances
        • Controversial topics like politics or religion
        • Asking for free advice from professionals
        • Spouses as authorities
  6. Don't hide in a corner; circulate. Spend five to seven minutes with each person or group.
  7. Always remember to close a conversation. Shake hands, smile and move on.